Confirmation Registration Form

Confirmation classes for those wishing to receive the sacrament will begin on January 9th.

The format is still being worked out, but we have decided to use Matthew Kelly’s program Decision Point. This program is available online and fits with delivering our Confirmation program during the pandemic. Feel free to have a look at the program by clicking the link below. When you arrive at the page, click “View Program” and a menu containing the sessions will appear.

Decision Point

As there will be much less time to prepare for Confirmation, families are asked to start gathering documentation necessary to receive the sacrament. Also, in order to have ample time to order workbooks we are asking you to please register online through the events calendar, or by contacting the parish office. The full registration process will require you to complete the form above. Thank you.

Although the program will be primarily online, we will be providing each student with a hard copy workbook, and will be meeting a few times between January and April. To cover these costs a registration fee will be collected. That fee is yet to be determined.

Thank you! We look forward to meeting and helping you on your journey!

The Confirmation Catechesis Team