Catechesis on the Mass

Session 26: Examination

Session 25: Sin Has Consequences

Session 24: Why Confess

Session 23: Who Can Baptize

Session 22: Magic Sacraments

Session 21: Sacred Chrism

Session 20: Is Baptism Necessary

Session 19: What is a Sacrament?

Session 18: Broken Bread

Session 17: Sanctifying Time

Session 16: What is this Mass all about?

Session 15: Altar, Ambo, Chair: Priest, Prophet, King

Session 14: Songs of the Angels

Session 13: Bells and Smells

Session 12: The Word of God: Outdated stories or divine inspiration?

Session 11: Rapid Fire

Session 10: Wasteful Beauty

Session 9: Right Rite

Session 8: Secrets with God: What the Priest does at the quiet parts

Session 7: Catholic Gymnastics: Part II

Session 6: Catholic Gymnastics: Part I

Session 5: Public Confession

Session 4: Vessels and Vestments

Session 3: Will you pray for me?

Session 2: How to receive Holy Communion

Session 1: What is the Mass?

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